Quiet Book

I wanted to make a quiet book for a while now, actually ever since I first looked through the Belle and Boo Book of Crafts. Now I keep looking at it thinking: "One day I'm going to make this!" 
This one day was Saturday, I felt the urge to start right there and then, but didn't have any felt, buttons etc. 
(I left a lot of my craft stuff behind when we moved to Germany, so am slowly building up stock). 

So me and the Little Madam took a trip to the local crafty store and got felt, buttons, various decorations etc., back home I had a look through my fabric stash and off I went and started. Knowing me, I had to start right away or all the nice stuff would have ended up in a corner and not looked at for the next 3 months ;) 

By now I have finished 4 pages, one is a double page. I have 10 pages planned out, it was really hard to decide finding all those nice page inspirations on Pinterest

So here they are, the first 3:

 Page 1: The Princess Castle. All made from felt and cotton, handstitched. Open the drawbridge and find the Princess! 

Page 2: The rainbow. Perfect for colour naming :) 

Page 3&4: Laundry day. This one is taken from the Belle and Boo book. I changed it slightly and added a woven felt basket to keep the clothing in.

If you haven't visited the Pinterest link above, which leads you to my Pinterest board on Quiet books, go have a look to see what else I am planning. Definitely going to make the whale and the road with cars. Little Madam is a Unicorn princess, but she sure loves her cars! 
I'm also planning on making a page with a naked Princess -- SCANDALOUS -- and clothing to dress her, which can be attached with velcro. 

What an exciting project :)

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