A week in Instagram

I have rediscovered Instagram
(If you add me I will add you back, I'm that kind of nosey ;) )

So here it is, a whole Easter week in Instagram pictures. 

1. Violetta yarn by Wollium is being knitted into 2. Cold Mountain
3. Sleepy head on Monday morning

4. Dark clouds filling up the blue sky (followed by thunderstorms) 5. splashing puddles after the storm 6. making progress on my ripple blanket

7. Sorting out craft stuff 8. Making Easter bark 9. Finding old treasures

10. A walk in the sunshine 11. A little rest by the fountain with Ice cream 12. Yay! 

13. Off for a Easter Sunday walk 14. Finding sweet goodness in the woods. 15. Thank you Easter Bunny!

16. Using chocolate moulds to make cement shapes. (I have big plans for that Piggy) 17. Lots of Play Doh fun. 18. Blanket castle and a movie (and lots of Easter chocolates) for the LO's

19. Started a new Sunburst Granny Square blanket in springtime green 20. More progress on the ripple blanket.

Today I shall be doing some serious sewing, so new makes coming to you soon as well as details about the re-opening of my shop etc. Watch this space. 

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