Picture Sunday

Picture weekend I should call it, pictures are from Saturday and Sunday today.

1. Playing dress up. Doc McStuffin and Spiderman running around the house all day.
2. Lazy Saturday morning in bed. 

 3. Crafting: We made a dreamcatcher, a mobile and the kids made canvases for the wall. 
4. Sunday morning tradition: Buttermilk Pancakes.

 5. Some crocheting done. Started that blanket 2 years ago and jus tpicked it back up today.
6. Chinese TV dinner ;)

I seem to have less pictures than I thought this weekend, we've done so much more than that, been for Ice cream and a lovely walk, I tidied the living room unit and sorted through a box of Craft stuff and books we got send from Scotland and had lots of fun dressing up Ponies and baby dolls.
I will force myself to take more pictures next week, so these post actually become a bit more interesting. :-p
Now couch and knitting. 

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