A week in Instagram

I have rediscovered Instagram
(If you add me I will add you back, I'm that kind of nosey ;) )

So here it is, a whole Easter week in Instagram pictures. 

1. Violetta yarn by Wollium is being knitted into 2. Cold Mountain
3. Sleepy head on Monday morning

4. Dark clouds filling up the blue sky (followed by thunderstorms) 5. splashing puddles after the storm 6. making progress on my ripple blanket

7. Sorting out craft stuff 8. Making Easter bark 9. Finding old treasures

10. A walk in the sunshine 11. A little rest by the fountain with Ice cream 12. Yay! 

13. Off for a Easter Sunday walk 14. Finding sweet goodness in the woods. 15. Thank you Easter Bunny!

16. Using chocolate moulds to make cement shapes. (I have big plans for that Piggy) 17. Lots of Play Doh fun. 18. Blanket castle and a movie (and lots of Easter chocolates) for the LO's

19. Started a new Sunburst Granny Square blanket in springtime green 20. More progress on the ripple blanket.

Today I shall be doing some serious sewing, so new makes coming to you soon as well as details about the re-opening of my shop etc. Watch this space. 


Picture Sunday

Picture weekend I should call it, pictures are from Saturday and Sunday today.

1. Playing dress up. Doc McStuffin and Spiderman running around the house all day.
2. Lazy Saturday morning in bed. 

 3. Crafting: We made a dreamcatcher, a mobile and the kids made canvases for the wall. 
4. Sunday morning tradition: Buttermilk Pancakes.

 5. Some crocheting done. Started that blanket 2 years ago and jus tpicked it back up today.
6. Chinese TV dinner ;)

I seem to have less pictures than I thought this weekend, we've done so much more than that, been for Ice cream and a lovely walk, I tidied the living room unit and sorted through a box of Craft stuff and books we got send from Scotland and had lots of fun dressing up Ponies and baby dolls.
I will force myself to take more pictures next week, so these post actually become a bit more interesting. :-p
Now couch and knitting. 


Quiet Book

I wanted to make a quiet book for a while now, actually ever since I first looked through the Belle and Boo Book of Crafts. Now I keep looking at it thinking: "One day I'm going to make this!" 
This one day was Saturday, I felt the urge to start right there and then, but didn't have any felt, buttons etc. 
(I left a lot of my craft stuff behind when we moved to Germany, so am slowly building up stock). 

So me and the Little Madam took a trip to the local crafty store and got felt, buttons, various decorations etc., back home I had a look through my fabric stash and off I went and started. Knowing me, I had to start right away or all the nice stuff would have ended up in a corner and not looked at for the next 3 months ;) 

By now I have finished 4 pages, one is a double page. I have 10 pages planned out, it was really hard to decide finding all those nice page inspirations on Pinterest

So here they are, the first 3:

 Page 1: The Princess Castle. All made from felt and cotton, handstitched. Open the drawbridge and find the Princess! 

Page 2: The rainbow. Perfect for colour naming :) 

Page 3&4: Laundry day. This one is taken from the Belle and Boo book. I changed it slightly and added a woven felt basket to keep the clothing in.

If you haven't visited the Pinterest link above, which leads you to my Pinterest board on Quiet books, go have a look to see what else I am planning. Definitely going to make the whale and the road with cars. Little Madam is a Unicorn princess, but she sure loves her cars! 
I'm also planning on making a page with a naked Princess -- SCANDALOUS -- and clothing to dress her, which can be attached with velcro. 

What an exciting project :)