August 27th

So, ok, I've been sooo lazy updating this again, sorry.
So here we go, a lot of new stuff, been away most of July,
but been busy busy busy the last weeks. :)
(I just can't get the layout to work right, no idea how i did it the last time :( )
Also, ok, ich war wirklich faul und hab das hier nicht wirklich auf dem laufenden gehalten, sorry.
Aber, jetzt gibts ganz viel neues, ich war den ganzen Juli weg,
aber war sehr sehr fleißig in den letzten 3 Wochen.
(Ich krieg das mit dem Layout diesmal irgendwie nicht hin, keine Ahnung wie ich es letztes mal geschafft hab )


syed aafaq shah hat gesagt…

browsing through blogs is my secret habit. lately i ve not been able to continue it. i was a bit under economic pressure. in some confusion or dilemma i thought i should find some one for whom i could post comments, write posts or do any thing like that.
your blog has appealed me a great deal. if it doesnt sound unwanted i want to do something like this for only very negligible amount.

moonlightdancer hat gesagt…